About Us

SKANDIA was established in 1978 initially as a repair company for international brands such as Phillips, National, Noremende, and Luxor. During this time SKANDIA started importing components. In the 80s the wholesale business took off selling components to Dick Smith, Tandy, Jaycar and the TV VCR COMPUTER repair industry. By the 90s SKANDIA started selling Satellite dishes and LNBs for reception of international channels available on Asia Sat 2. During this time Skandia was invited to tender for PAY TV business. Winning a contract to sell all the test gear to Telstra, Austar, Galaxy and Optus. In 2000 SKANDIA was yet again at the forefront of change, developing the JIMs Antenna installation network to take advantage of the digitl TV switch over from analogue to digital TV. SKANDIA has a unique and strong history in the TV, Pay TV, and Computer industry. Our customers are blue chip and require a certain level of service and quality.

Our mision is to sell the highest quality products , at the most competitive price. Our products can be found in major electrical wholesalers and large retail chain stores.

We have repeatedly and successfully reinvented our business model to match our customer's needs.